Wild weather

We have had some very wild weather in Bagni di Lucca and the mountains around us. On Sunday night there was an enormous storm which dumped heavy rain on the area. Roads have been closed, and some are still closed. There has been damage to property and some villages remain cut off from main roads.

There was another smaller storm last night, but I haven’t heard of any further damage. The sun has appeared today. With a bit of luck it will stick around for a while.

Here are a few pictures of the muddy river in Ponte a Serraglio.






The river looked a bit more calm today. It is still high, but it is not rushing past so quickly.



The road to Lucca is cut past Borgo a Mozzano. Until yesterday it was cut from Chifenti as water had flooded the road to Ponte a Maddalena. It was open today so I went to the bridge to take a look at the river from there.



You can see how high the river is in the following photo. It is right at the top of the weir.


I walked to the top of the bridge. Two days ago there was a metre of water covering the road below and in the shops and houses beside the road.


If you go to YouTube and look for Serchio in Piena there are several videos of the damaging floods.

I hope the people who have suffered damage get back to normal soon.

14 thoughts on “Wild weather

  1. Dear Debra, I watched the video too, the river seems so fearful when is high…. So sad to get damaged. It should be rain season there… I hope and wish everyone is fine there now and in safe… and you dear Debra, I am sure there is a warning system for your the residences living near the river. Be in safe, Thanks and Love, nia

  2. It looks as if it has been quite bad; however we received today a message from our neighbour saying that she has checked the house from top to bottom and everything is fine. We are lucky to have great neighbours.

  3. What a storm and such torrid waters let’s hope people are intelligent are prepare for the next storm. I believe this winter will bring trouble in several places of the world.

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