A damp chestnut festival at Villa Fiori


The annual chestnut festival took place today, Sunday, at the lovely park beside Villa Fiori in Ponte a Serraglio.

The weather could have been better, but an enthusiastic crowd gathered to sample the roasted chestnuts, necci, castagnata and spiced wine.




Children decorated pumpkins under the excellent supervision of Morena from Borgo deli Artisti.

Lovely Rodolfa from Montefegatesi demonstrated spinning for us.


There was some delightful guitar music to help us enjoy the day.


Unfortunately rain stopped the celebrations a bit short…better luck next year.

10 thoughts on “A damp chestnut festival at Villa Fiori

  1. Good to see that a little bit of rain did not stop the celebration of the chestnut festival. How wonderful it must have been with the thunder in the background. Thanks for the wonderful as usual photos.

  2. I find the smell of roasting chestnuts irresistible. I’ve only ever seen them being roasted on the streets of London over glowing coals in upright oil barrels. I remember the cylindrical roasting cage from your post of last year and I’ve just read a reference to that way of roasting in France in Dicken’s A Tale of Two Cities in the 1700s. Love the pumpkins – shame about the weather, but that would make the chestnut food all the more comforting.

  3. I am glad it all went well even if a bit wet, what surprised me was that Bagni published a leaflet etc. that said the chestnut festival was to be held on the 13 th of October, we did turn up but sadly it wasn’t there!! We consoled ourselves by going for lunch and eating tortellelli made from chestnut flour and a filling of porcini

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