A chestnut festival… with mushrooms


We recently attended the chestnut festival in Castelnuovo. It was a beautiful day and we were the first on the bus to take us from the town to the fortified area above the town where chestnuts were being roasted and crowds were beginning to gather.






We were eager to try the roasted chestnuts and the fritelle made from both regular flour and chestnut flour. A little bonus was the warm spiced wine that came with them.



Inside the main building was a display of local mushrooms, separated into edible, edible, but they taste awful and dangerous…don’t ever eat!

Here are some of the edible ones.

These may not hurt you, but they won’t be delicious.

Don’t pick and eat anything from the next group.

It was a great display. I would never be brave enough to gather mushrooms myself. I would only go with an expert, but it was really interesting to see the collection which had been put together with much care.

There was a sculpture display as well. This one left me feeling a bit twisted.

Don’t miss these local festivals. Each one is different and lot of fun.

10 thoughts on “A chestnut festival… with mushrooms

  1. What a fascinating hamlet (?), are the homes in the background private residences? The chestnuts look fantastic, wish I was there….good advice about the mushrooms, too many people die of poisoning related to bad mushrooms. I in California only pick porcini no other. They are excellent for homemade spaghetti sauce..again thank you Debra.

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