A shoe shop in Castelnuovo

Castelnuovo is the main town of the Garfagnana and an easy drive from Bagni di Lucca.
There is a wonderful old castle there…it was new once…I guess that is why the town is called Newcastle.



Not far from the castle in Via Nicola Fabrizi is a great shoe shop called Roberta.

The owner has tracked down some great shoes and has an excellent size range. She has shoes for all kinds of feet.

Here she is (in the blue shirt) with some happy customers.


We were there on a Sunday and the shop was packed. The owner did a great job handling the crowds scrambling to buy shoes.





We were all happy with our purchases.


I’m sure you won’t come away empty handed if you visit Roberta.


16 thoughts on “A shoe shop in Castelnuovo

  1. They have a fantastic range of summer and winter shoes are are prepared to show you both out of season. I take an Australian size 11 (very large for ladies) which is a 43 here and they have always had an amazing range to show me on my visits…..I need to shoe case to take my purchases home.

  2. The lady in the picture is actually Nadia who is a British Italian that moved out there 10 years ago. She is a partner in the shop as she has brought in a lot of business! Roberts is a lovely older Italian lady. I buy all my shoes there and in fact their leather goods are at a fantastic price too!

  3. Thanks for all your lovely comments! Thanks to all our customers who keep on coming back year after year!!! We hope to see you soon and thanks again Debra for the great coverage! xxNadia

  4. My favorite shoe store also. I’ve bought many shoes and boots. Roberta is always helpful and gives discounts. She just keeps bringing out the shoes until you find a pair you like! Plus she’s English.

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