Snow on the mountain villages

Fornoli, Ponte a Serraglio and La Villa are the lowest of the villages of Bagni di Lucca at 120,130 and 150 metres above sea level. Montefegatesi is the highest, at almost 850 metres. The other villages are dotted around the mountains at various levels.

The recent snow melted fairly quickly in the low villages, but the roads to the upper villages were dangerous with snow and icy conditions for days. As soon as I thought it was safe I headed into the hills to see what was left of the snow.

Colle is the hill village directly in front of my apartment and it looked particularly lovely with its snowy cover as I set off.


The roads to the higher villlages are even more narrow than usual with their edges lined with snow.


Vico Pancellorum was enjoying a sunny day after the snow.



Looking the other way was a tiny village nestled in the shadow of a mountain.


Vico Pancellorum’s olive trees seem to have survived the snow.


The narrow streets haven’t had enough sun yet to melt the snow.





Goats hoping for some warmer weather.


There were some stunning views from the top of Vico Pancellorum.








On the way out of Vico Pancellorum I spotted some very colourful washing drying in the sun.


The ski lift looks as though it could be useful today.


I drove to San Cassiano next for some different views.









On the way back to Ponte a Serraglio I could see lovely Lugliano in the distance.


With a bit of luck I will get to some of the other villages while there is stil some snow lying around.

23 thoughts on “Snow on the mountain villages

  1. Hope you stopped to say hello to the folks at “Da Santina” the bar/restaurant in San Cassiano… if they were open of course!!? Great photos as usual Debra.

  2. They look absolutely lovely with the snow; however, I think that we are better off where we are when weather conditions are bad. I understand that both Vico and Brandeglio were left without electricity when a huge tree collapsed on the Brennero road a few days ago. And we can always walk downtown if we need anything…

  3. The combination of sunny blue skies and snow is so beautiful isn’t it. I love the way that washing on a line tells a story about the house – the washer and the washees.

  4. Super photos again Debra. Vico looks lovely in the snow. I’ve never seen the ski lift before.
    Is that in Vico and where does it go?
    I think you ought to go to Santina’s in San Cassiano on our behalf, (purely for research purposes of course!) and have a wonderful meal. You could start with pasta, followed by roast faroana and all the trimmings, followed by torta di chocolata. They serve really good coffee there and the vino is easy to consume.

    • The ski lift doesn’t go anywhere. It is part of a group of installation art pieces in the yard of a house at the entrance to Vico Pancellorum. I have been to Santina several times, and will be going again soon.

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