Baby pomegranates were growing when I first arrived in Italy in September and now they are ready to eat…..another reason to love autumn.





Pomegranates are rich in vitamin C, vitamin B5, potassium and fibre (if you eat the seeds) and are the latest so called, super food.

You could drink the juice, or use the seeds in salads, knowing that it is doing you good, or you could do these things just because pomegranates are delicious.


There is to be a live nativity in Monti di Villa at 3.00pm on December 9. It will commence at the church in Monti di Villa and move through the streets of the village. It will be followed with food and drinks…….I wish I was going.

There is to be a bus taking people from La Villa. Please check for details at the information centre in La Villa.

21 thoughts on “Pomegranates

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  2. a great idea I want to try for Christmas….when making ice cubes,
    , put three seeds in each one …very effective!!

  3. I love pomegranates! They are just such a cool looking fruit. I like to split one open on a wooden cutting board and serve it together with some different cheeses like grana and parmigiano. Such a nice autumnal way to entertain guests.

  4. I love pomegranates both to eat and dress up salads or sprinkle over slow cooked lamb shoulder that’s been ‘pulled’ rather than carved – they make lovely little scattered jewels. Love the sound of the live nativity event – and the food and drink after – such a sensible way to organise things:)

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