Lunch at Ristorante Silvio La Storia a Tavola

Ristorante Silvio La Storia a Tavola came highly recommended, so on lovely autumn Sunday we headed out of Bagni di Lucca on the Brennero road. The tiny hamlet of Pianosinatico is not far past Cutigliano, on the way to Abetone.

When you see this memorial to fallen soldiers, you know you have arrived in Pianosinatico.


It was a hazy autumn afternoon, but you can see some of the colour in the mountains.


The entrance to the restaurant doesn’t give much of an idea of the delights to be found inside.


We thought it was just a bar, but we went inside and asked for a table for 4 and we were directed through to the restaurant.

We left ourselves in the hands of the very helpful waiter and were delighted with the dishes that arrived……and kept on coming. We began with antipasto.



The next one doesn’t look much and the photo is a but fuzzy, but the potato with a truffle sauce was heavenly.


Best of all were the fresh, raw porcini mushrooms. We were instructed to squeeze lemon on them, followed by a little black pepper……perfect.


Next came porcini mushroom soup.


Then rice with capsicum and a light and delicious pecorino sauce.


Crepes with ragu.


Gnocchi with truffle sauce.


We were fairly full by now, so much so that I forgot to photograph the next dish…..pasta with eggplant and 2 types of onion….ooops.

Despite being stuffed we managed dessert…..pannacotta with fruit.


And tiramisu.


Take a drive through the gorgeous mountains around Bagni di Lucca and stop for lunch at Silvio la Storia a Tavola….you won’t be disappointed.

14 thoughts on “Lunch at Ristorante Silvio La Storia a Tavola

  1. Debra you’ve done it again! Fab photos and what a wonderful restaurant – we’ve added this to the ever growing list of places you’ve been to that we too will now visit. If we may, when we visit each place we’ll give you a little report on what we had to eat and drink. Drooling.

  2. How marvellous. I could almost lick the pictures! Everything looks as if it would have been superb and I consider that desert would have been a proper reward for showing reverence to the beautifully prepared ingredients.

  3. No evening meal needed after a lunch like that! Your description shows again just how important the first hand referrals are.

  4. Looking forward to the post on Cutigliano. We went there a couple of years ago on the way to what proved to be an abortive trip to Abetone – the snow being too much for our little hire car that day. Having spent some time in Switzerland I was struck by how ‘alpine’ Cutigliano is, at least in the winter. Someone told me that there is cable car access to ski slopes from Cutigliano and that its a popular place with people from Florence.

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