One of the things I like most about living in Bagni di Lucca is the change of seasons. I love the starkness of winter with the occasional promise of snow.


our beautiful mountains

Ponte a Serraglio covered with snow

Villa Fiori in winter

From the bridge in La Villa

Spring is everybody’s favourite when everything turns green and beautiful.

spring comes to the mountains

The villages come to life when the sun shines.

Ponte a Serraglio turns green

Villa Fiori in spring

The roads into Bagni di Lucca turn into green tunnels

In spring and summer flowers bloom everywhere.

wisteria makes lilac curtains

pink magnolias

Magnolias at the English church in La Villa

a balcony with petunias

In spring acacia blossoms turn the hills white and fill the air with the most delicious honey fragrance.

acacia blossoms

Pansies are happy little flowers and lift their faces to the sun at the first opportunity.

pansies at Ponte a Serraglio

Peonies are my favourite flowers and they seem to grow wild in our area.

my favourite flower

Autumn in Bagni di Lucca is a particularly beautiful season. The trees turn yellow and gold and the mornings and evenings turn deliciously cool.

pretty geraniums are everywhere

Ponte a Serraglio in autumn

the old station at Fornoli

from Bagni Caldi

autumn in the mountains

glorious autumn colour

the last leaves fall

and winter returns


19 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. A really beautiful collection of photographs. I can’t wait for spring now! Such a shame there’s no way to capture the scent of Bagni di Lucca in spring when the whole area is perfumed from all these beautiful flowers.

  2. I’m just lost for words, The photographs of Bagni di Lucca keep on getting better and better.
    I was already hooked on your original blog , and now this !!! . so much information , photos ,links.
    I will never get any work done now.
    3 blogs ? , how can you find the time and energy, and replays to all the comments !!!
    It is all very much appreciated, thank you.
    Looking forward to your next post.

  3. Hi Debra!
    Excellent work you’ve done!! Beautiful photos!
    Waiting for our appointment Monday morning!!!
    Have a nice week-end!

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