A tornado in Bagni di Lucca

If you read my other blog, Bagni di Lucca and Beyond, you will know that we had a tornado in Bagni di Lucca on Wednesday night.  Many residents would have spent a terrifying night listening to the fierce wind tearing up trees and tiles from their roofs.

La Villa was very badly hit and the beautiful little park has been devasted. Trees that are hundreds of years old have been uprooted and snapped off.Damage at La Villa

Damage at La Villa

The clean up was quick and efficient in La Villa. The broken tiles have all been cleaned up from the streets and the fallen trees are being cut into smaller pieces for removal.

Damage at La Villa

Damage at La Villa

I went for a walk through La Villa and was pleased to see that things were back in order. There is some roof damage in several buildings, including Circolo dei Forestieri, the pharmacy and Villa Ada.

Circolo dei Forestieri

The pharmacy roof at La Villa

Villa Ada damage

Villa Ada damage

Lots of trees are down in the garden on Villa Ada, but the roof damage doesn’t look as bad from the back of the building.

Villa Ada garden

Villa Ada damage

The trees have been removed from the church in Corsena.

Church in Corsena

A crane is at work in the nearby cemetery to help with the clean up.

damage at the cemetery

Many roads to the outlying villages are cut by fallen trees. There is going to be lots of work for woodcutters for quite some time cleaning up the mess.

fallen trees

Fallen trees

It was a beautiful day here today, the sun was shining and it almost felt like a spring day. It is hard to believe that this strange weather event happened at all.

It has come to my attention that the villages of Gombereto, Veteglia, San Gemignano, San Cassiano and Pieve di Controne have been badly damaged. Francis has been to the area and has some photos and news of the damage.

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