Bagni di Lucca’s contribution to the earthquake victims

Like many towns in Italy, Bagni di Lucca was keen to help the Italian earthquake victims. A long table dinner took over the main street in La Villa recently and 417 enthusiastic participants joined in.

Local restaurants stepped up to provide delicious food. Trattroria Borghesi made the pasta all’Amatriciana, Da Mamo provided the roast meats, Circolo dei Forestieri contributed the contorni (side dishes) and Gelateria Primavera served fruit salad and gelato.

The evening was a great success and close to € 8,000 was raised. The money will go to a project for restoration.

Well done Bagni di Lucca!

I was not there as I don’t arrive in Bagni di Lucca until late next week, so I have no photos to share with you. Take a look at Francis Pettitt’s blog to see some photos and more on the event.