Chestnut festival in Montefegatesi

Montefegatesi will hold its chestnut festival on Sunday 16th October. There will be lots of chestnut delights and a market.

The fun will begin at 14.00 and last until late evening.

8 thoughts on “Chestnut festival in Montefegatesi

  1. Is this held each year in mid-October? My wife and I attended a sagra di castagne a few years back in the Garfagnana, though I think it might have been later in the autumn. Also, have you tried the scamerita or the necci incicciati? Those seem to be very local meat products, and I am curious what impressions one has of them.

    • I think most chestnut festivals in the area happen in October when the weather is likely to be better than November. Necci incicciati is a chestnut pancake filled with ricotta and is always found at chestnut festivals. I find them delicious.
      Scamerita is a type of pork. I am not aware that I have tried it.

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