Travelling to Florence

Florence is an easy day trip from Bagni di Lucca. There are several ways to get there. The train is convenient. It can be boarded in Fornoli. The trip takes about 25 minutes to get to Lucca, where you change trains for Florence. The more direct train takes about 1 hour 20 minutes, add 25 minutes for the train that makes more stops along the way.

You could also drive to Lucca, park beside the station and take the train. This offers more flexibility for the return journey as the return connections are not great.

I used to recommend the bus from Lucca, but it no longer goes right into the centre. The bus stops beside a tram stop which is one stop from the centre, making it slightly less convenient.

Clever Mark Hickman has found another way. There is a car park just outside the centre with a tram connection into the city. Touch the photo below for details.


Thank you Mark, I look forward to trying it.

12 thoughts on “Travelling to Florence

  1. Don’t forget line 2 to the airport is now open and could be a better bet if you are approaching Florence from the west

  2. I am sorry to ask an unrelated question, what are your thoughts on going to Cinque Terre in the winter? We found out it is best to leave a car in La Spezia and take the train. We are thinking the pros are no tourist crowds and the cons are an early sunset, closed trails and restaurants. Have you gone there in the off season? Maybe it’s the best time to do it? Thank you.

    • I would go before it gets cold as not much will be open. We often drive to Portovenere and take the boat to Cinque Terre. I think the best way to see the towns is from the sea. I have sent you a message with a longer answer.

  3. In mine opinione it is easy to go nu car ti the train station in Pescia. Leave your car near om the free parking aerea about 200 meters from the station. And buy a train ticket and take the train in Pescia Who Will bring You in about 1.30 our at the central station in Firenze.
    You catch the same train Who is driving You from Lucca to Firenze

    I traveling in this way for more than 15 years

    Gold luck with your recomendations

    Henk Cornelissen , living normaly aevry Year at Benabbio

    Deborah sorry for mine bad Englisch you Will correcting that.

    By by

    • Thank you for your comment and don’t worry about your English. From Benabbio you can take the back road to Pescia, which makes it closer than Lucca, I think. You must be catching the slower train if it takes 1 hour 30 minutes.
      I will be trying the car park idea to see how it compares to the train.

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