Farmers’ markets in Bagni di Lucca

A small farmers’ market has begun Monday mornings in La Villa, in the square behind the Teatro Accademico, near the walking bridge.

Local producers from the area are on hand to sell their products. We get to meet and talk to people who grow our food.

The market will also be held in Piazza degli Alpini in Cafaggio, Fornoli, on Thursday morning.

This is a great initiative. It is excellent to support local food producers. I bought something from each stand and I am delighted with my purchases. Let’s hope it is a great success.

6 thoughts on “Farmers’ markets in Bagni di Lucca

  1. Thank you for that information Debra, we realise now (from your photos) where the artisan growers market was, we went in search of it last Monday without success. Next Monday… we come!
    I love a food market!

  2. Thank you, Debra, this is wonderful, I hope you will share the updates on these markets in the future. I also had a question how does one learn about the schedules and locations of these markets, but you already answered that above – “it can be difficult” – you either stumble upon them or read Debra’s blog to inform yourself 😊

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