Autumn festivals

It is great to see festivals reappearing after the 2 years of Covid restrictions that prevented them from happening.

I particularly like the autumn festivals, chestnut, pumpkin and, a new one for me, a polenta festival.

I attended the Festa di Polenta in Gallicano on the weekend. A good crowd gathered in the town square, which was closed to traffic, to sample delicious polenta, bacala, necci, rosticiana and other delights.

There was entertainment and the fun of watching children have a great time.

One of my favourite local festivals is the chestnut festival in Cascio, which I believe is on next weekend. I have been twice and I suggest getting there early to get a park nearby. It attracts a large crowd.

6 thoughts on “Autumn festivals

  1. Polenta is delicious and cooking it in the microwave is great as you can burn yourself easily by cooking it in the traditional way. You can serve it as a side dish, or cut it in squares and fry them, or I make a substantial dish by layering it with a rich tomato and meat or mushrooms sauce with a final layer of grated cheese in a “gratin “ style. Here is a recipe for the microwave:

  2. I like your blog and appreciate every post you write. I was keeping an eye on the weather in the area and looks like you got some nice precipitation to alleviate the drought. We will spend three weeks in December in BDL, so learning the names of the villages and immersing myself in the area virtually trough your pots is a nice way to get to know this part of Tuscany.


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