No reflection at Ponte della Maddalena

The river is as low as I have ever seen it under the Ponte della Maddalena at Borgo a Mozzano, on the way to Bagni di Lucca. I have been coming here now for almost 20 years.

This is the view I usually see.

This is what it looks like now.

From the other side.

From the top.

On a brighter note the vegetation is growing back on the site of the landslide.

We have had some rain recently but it will take a lot more to bring the river back to its usual level.

5 thoughts on “No reflection at Ponte della Maddalena

  1. I spoke with a friend the other day from one of the rafting companies. She said that they were still running kayak trips in the mornings, when they release more flow into the river. I’ve been meaning to spend a little time looking at the lakes that feed Lima/Serchio to get a feel of how low they are… Hoping for a big snowy winter!

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