Beautiful rain

While it might not be great for those who are here on holidays, the recent rain is very welcome after a dry, hot summer.

I like the misty morning and the sound of the rain at Ponte a Serraglio.

The rain is needed to fill dams, the springs that feed the rivers and the poor distressed plants. Let’s hope we get good rain over the next few months.

8 thoughts on “Beautiful rain

  1. Yes, it’s good to see the countryside becoming lush and green again here in Umbria, rather than the parched, brown landscape that greeted my arrival in mid June. I even have blossom on one of my Apple trees!

    • When I arrived a week ago the river was as low as I have ever seen it and full of slimy weed. At the Ponte Maddalena there is grass where there is usually water with just a small river in the middle.

      • I was totally shocked at the sight of Lake Trasimeno just over a week ago. It’s a shallow lake at the best of times, but still the fourth largest in Italy. The shoreline had retreated so far, you could hardly make out where the water began in some places…. As for bird watching? They are there we were told, in their thousands, but you’d need a telescope to see them!

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