Lots to do in Bagni di Lucca

Summer time is busy in Bagni di Lucca with lots of local events.

Morena Guarnaschelli will exhibit 15 of her art works at the casino in Ponte a Serraglio. The exhibition will begin on 5th August. Valerie Ceccarelli is organising the event.

There are lots of other things coming up. Montefegatesi has done a great job in organising events.

Crasciana has lots of events coming up.

Brandeglio is busy too.

A day for children is happening in San Cassiano.

It is great to see communities getting together to create summer fun.

7 thoughts on “Lots to do in Bagni di Lucca

  1. what a brilliant resource of annual events you are creating, the festivals are always great,i went to a medieval festival a few years ago,perhaps castlenuovo,anyway it was a highlight of our holiday.Many Thanks.Nick

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