Support your local business

Tuscany became a yellow zone this week which means that bars and restaurants are open for outside dining. The last year has been very tough indeed for businesses.

Yesterday, for the first time in a while I enjoyed lunch away from home and it was excellent. With a couple of friends I sat on the outdoor terrace at Circolo dei Forestieri. It was great to see the well spaced tables full and the smiling faces (under masks) of the friendly servers.

We need to support our local businesses to help them back on their feet. Let’s hope this spring and summer will see us come slowly out from under the covid disaster.

11 thoughts on “Support your local business

    • It is great to be able to go out. The wheelchair makes things a bit complicated, but I have just over a week to go until the cast comes off so I should have a bit more freedom soon.

  1. How good to see things getting a bit back to normal. I envy you getting to meet with friends and dine al fresco. I wish you continued good luck with your recovery!

  2. What wonderful scenes, especially for those of us that know dining al fresco in Italy. That food looks delicious. Hope you are up and mobile soon and really enjoy the freedoms of the ‘yellow zone’!

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