The road to Montefegatesi

Autumn is a beautiful time to drive to Montefegatesi,the highest of the Bagni di Lucca villages.  The mountain road is lined with trees in full autumn colour right now.


I went up further to Albereta.

The glorious colour will not last much longer. I am pleased I went for a drive before the recent lockdown.

11 thoughts on “The road to Montefegatesi

  1. Stunning pictures. I travelled on the bus up to Montefegatesi and when we arrived there was a spectacular thunderstorm. The journey back was absolutely hair raising, especially as the driver was texting on his phone most of the time 😳
    Love seeing your pictures Debra.

    • The bus drivers here are incredible! The police could gather a fortune by fining drivers who use their phones while driving. I was once on a bus from Lucca and the driver was on his phone when his second phone rang. He answered that one too and steered the bus with his knees and elbows.

  2. Hi Debra, I have been looking at your blog of recent times and would like to say I’ve enjoyed reading them. We have not been able to get out at all this year because of this dreadful virus flying g around Europe. Loved the pictures going up to Montefegatasi some lovely colours. Have looked looking at the small villages you have visited , almost like being there😍👍

    • Thank you for commenting. This year has been difficult. I have not been able to return to Australia and probably won’t be able to until mid next year. There are worse places to be stuck!

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