A walk on the Lucca wall


Autumn is a great time to walk on the stunning wall that surrounds Lucca. The trees are losing their leaves quickly now. Soon the trees will be bare. Come for a walk…

This lovely old tree just outside the wall looks as though it is set for removal. It has been fenced off perhaps because there is a danger of falling branches.

I love walking through the tunnels and up the stairs onto the wall.

I was lucky to be there on a glorious autumn day.



Walking on the Lucca wall is wonderful in any season. Best of all Lucca is just 30 minutes from Bagni di Lucca.




15 thoughts on “A walk on the Lucca wall

  1. These beautiful pictures don’t lie. Lucca is a marvelous and unique city. Doing the same walk as the photographer, I was checking the facts last Sunday, yesterday.

  2. Kerry and I are sad because we can’t be in Italy. Going to go on a walk around the Lucca Wall at Christmas CoViD pending- can’t wait 🍷🍻 cheers to you all 🍷🍻

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