Dinner at Ristorante del Sonno

It is excellent to be able to join friends and sit down for dinner at our wonderful restaurants in Bagni di Lucca. Last night a friend and I enjoyed a delicious meal at Ristorante del Sonno in La Villa.
Ilario has made sure there is plenty of distance between tables and there is also outdoor dining. All precautions have been taken to make sure guests are safe.

We began with mussels and bruschetta.


Followed by grilled trout, roast potatoes and, for me, a stracchino and prosciutto pizza.

Let’s support our local businesses!

30 thoughts on “Dinner at Ristorante del Sonno

  1. So glad to see it all coming back to life in Bagni di Lucca. You have shown 3/4 of my favourite places to eat including Bar Italia. I would be interested to hear if Marco is alright in the Pizza restaurant next to Conads Supermarket. Hope to get back later on this year anyway. Thanks for the posts.

  2. How wonderful that you can have dinner at a restaurant again! Here in the state of Ohio, USA, our restaurants were just allowed to open back up this last Thursday. But many have not yet done so. Bars were also permitted to reopen then. I think social distancing will be observed much more in restaurants than in bars. We in the US are fast approaching 100,000 deaths from the virus. It’s sobering to think about.

    • Our restaurants have been allowed to open recently. Not all have done so here. A bar in Italy is quite different from USA. They are really more like a cafe, open from early in the morning for coffee and a snack, light lunch, aperitivo in the evening and a drink or coffee later.
      In our town both bars and restaurants are doing their best to make sure their clients are safe and people seem happy to follow the rules.
      This virus has been devastating in so many ways. Let’s hope things improve soon.

      • If it has reopened – you are in for a real treat. Say hello to my dear friends, Alessandro and Claudio, the owners, http://www.ilcavallinobianco.com from Carol & James( I live in Arizona). We live part time in Benabbio but sadly we will be staying home this year due to the pandemic.

      • I meant that I have not heard if it is open. I have been there several times and it is excellent. I will pass on your good wishes.
        It is a pity you can’t come this year. It is a difficult time for everyone.

    • None of the local restaurants are busy. There are obviously no tourists here now and many people are still afraid to leave home. I hope things improve soon. It is very important to support local businesses now.

  3. My home is in riolo. Marcillio was the “self-appointed” mayor for many years of Riolo. His winemaking was always an event as well as preparing the Festa with his wife in first part of September. He passed away several years ago. Ilario from il Sonno is his brother.
    I enjoy your site. Thank you.
    Mario Prosperi

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