La Corona, a new opening

We are very excited at Ponte a Serraglio to see the opening of La Corona, the newly renovated hotel and restaurant.

Perhaps the name is a little unfortunate right now, but the up side it is easy to remember.

We arrived just as heavy rain began. This was a pity as the outside areas of the hotel are lovely. I will show you those on a better day. We gathered in the brand new bar area.

There was delightful entertainment.

We were taken up to the first floor to see some of the rooms of the hotel. There are 15 rooms and they look great. Each room is decorated individually, with well appointed bathrooms. Several rooms have views over the river, with great views and a couple have their own balcony.


My good friend Tina and I were the first guests in the beautiful restaurant.

The food was excellent. We began with a selection of Tuscan delights.

We both chose the risotto.

Tina had pork belly with crustaceans.


I enjoyed the guinea fowl on a bed of chestnut bread.

La Corona is an excellent addition to Ponte a Seraglio. I wish everyone involved the best and hope they get lots of visitors soon.

There was huge storm last night which began while we were at the restaurant. It settled a bit, but in the middle of the night I was woken by the noise of the river rushing past my window. The water was as high and as turbulent as I have ever seen it. This morning the river had settled a lot, but it was still brown and flowing quickly under the bridge.

Unfortunately the forecast is for another week of stormy weather. I hope the weather bureau is wrong on this.

La Corona…Ponte a Serraglio.

14 thoughts on “La Corona, a new opening

  1. The pictures are beautiful looks like a wonderful place to eat it’s 9:30 Seattle time and all that food looks good I could eat it now.. I’m glad that you didn’t have any water damage all the pictures are very beautiful and the hotel looks very very inviting also just wanted to say hi.

  2. I hope it becomes an asset to your hamlet/borgo – no garden to tend Debra you will have to clean out the cupboards or get some books.

    • I’m sure the hotel/restaurant is going to attract people to Bagni di Lucca. I will still have my bridge flowers to look after and I have bookshelves full of books to read. I also plan to do some of the travelling I missed out on in spring. Jim is hoping to get here in September.

  3. Is this the hotel being renovated when we were there Debi? Looks beautiful. And hi to Tina….looking great too! AND the food 😋

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