Circolo dei Forestieri is open

Circolo dei Forestieri in La Villa is open!

It is great that things are slowly opening here in Bagni di Lucca. I went with friends for dinner at Circolo dei Forestieri for dinner last night. It is so nice to be with friends and to eat something I didn’t have to cook for myself.

I know there was a happy, smiling face under that mask.

The tables are spread out and left unset until guests arrive. There are lots of outdoor tables as well. I hope the lovely terrace over the river will be open too.

We all ordered similar dishes, so I can’t show you variety, but everything was delicious.

Thank you Circolo for a lovely evening. It is great to see things opening up here in Bagni di Lucca. We need to support our local businesses! 

10 thoughts on “Circolo dei Forestieri is open

  1. How are you going visa wise, Deb. Or has the lockdown made it seem like longer since you left Aus. Xx

  2. Yes you are right Deb about supporting your local businesses, whether you are in Italy, Australia or elsewhere. I would not like to see some of our small businesses here in town not re-open as we slowly get back to the new normal. Now that some of the intra-state borders have reopened we are included in the Perth zone so for us we may see the start to visitors who just want to get out after lockdown from the city or those who have holiday homes down this way. It also brings the risk of Covid-19 back to our region though. Time will tell. Stay safe.

    • It is great to be out and about a bit! I went to Lucca today and it was excellent to see the shops open. The shop keepers were upbeat and happy to be trading again. Everything is well set up with sanitiser at the door and cash register, there were no crowds and everyone was well behaved. I have hope that things will get better!

  3. It’s so good to hear that Bagni di Lucca is gradually getting back to normal. Thank you, Debra, for keeping us updated. Can’t wait to come back.
    Linda & Geoff (Via Corsena)

  4. Hi Debra l”m glad to see things are getting better and business is starting to reopen. Thank you for the photos and th he articles that you continue to send. I really miss not being there. I was born at Pieve di Controni and still have a house there . I live in USA.
    Hope to be able to come ASAP. and personally meet you and have a meal with you and friends. Again thank you for what you do and enjoy those beautiful places. JOE

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