I often get comments on the blog and emails from people who have a connection with Bagni di Lucca. It is amazing the number of people all over the world who have ancestors who come from the area. It is a tiny place, but thousands of people have left Bagni di Lucca over the last couple of centuries and made new lives in far flung corners of the world.

Many people are keen to find out more about their Bagni di Lucca families. Ann Barsi, whose own family moved to USA, will be able to help some of those. She is holding an event on 11th September at Trattoria Santina in San Cassiano di Controne called “You know my Great-grandparents?”

She has carefully researched the church records of San Cassiano and will explain how the registers for the years 1600-1939 have been digitally imaged and then turned into family trees.

Here is an image of 4 baptisms from 1664/5.

Bagni di Lucca events

This is the family group sheet for Giovanni Fabbri, born 20th October 1665.

Bagni di Lucca events

If your ancestors are from San Cassiano di Controne there will be time to check the church’s database to see your family tree.

You will need to bring names and dates of your ancestors who were born before 1930. Many family trees go back 13 generations from today.

I’m sure it will be a fascinating evening.

“You know my Great-grandparents? (Conosci I miei Trisnonni?)

Trattoria Santina

San Cassiano di Controne

11th September, 20.30 – 22.00

Ann previously completed the same research for the parish of Pieve di Controne and is currently working on the Monti di Villa parish.


14 thoughts on “Family

  1. Many Bagni di Lucca families have members who migrated overseas. It is most interesting to discover your ancestry although it may be challenging at times. There are no Italian Civil Records before unification and you have to rely on Church records and pray that they have not been destroyed through wars, fires, earthquakes and other events. Some entries are in Latin, which pose an additional difficulty. Also, some books have been indexed, although these may not be accurate. We had this experience and had to go page by page to finally find the lost grandfather in Bagnacavallo (RA)
    This link gives valuable information
    And if you are handling old registers like the one portrayed here, please use white cotton gloves and a pencil to write. That protects the records.

  2. Ann is doing amazing work. Ancestors from both of my parents came from the Bagni di Lucca area and I am so excited to know she is also working on Monti di Villa. It is so important to preserve the history of this most wonderful corner of the world.

    • To everyone who might have ancestors from the parishes of Pieve di Controne, San Cassiano di Controne or Monti di Villa….
      I don’t want to clog up Debra’s post with lots of genealogy queries, but I would be happy to do a quick lookup for you in any of the 3 parish databases that I have. The people need to have been born prior to 1930. If they came from any of those parishes, chances are that they lived there for a long time.
      If I find something, I hope you would make a donation to the appropriate church as thanks to them for allowing me access to these amazing old records.
      Please write to me directly at abarsi at verizon dot net.
      Ann Barsi

  3. My grandfather is from Ponte a Serraglio/Fornoli. He moved to The `Netherlands in 1931 and has lived there till 1974. On his trip back to his house in Bagni di Lucca, on 25th of August 1974, he died of a heart attach. He is buried at the cemetery at Ponte a Serraglio. His brothers have moved to Milano and Australia. I would love to see if they are registered in any of the information Ann is collecting.

  4. Sandra,
    Sorry, but I haven’t any records for parishes in either Ponte or Fornoli. You might have some luck looking in the free Family Search program online for civil records from 1865 to 1920-ish. .

  5. Very cool. I was there, unfortunately I just got back. I already have quite a bit of info about my family, but I’m sure there’s so much more to be discovered. Enjoy and say “Hi” to Santina for me! 🙂

  6. Is Ann Barsi related to the Barsi family of South San Francisco, California. Also, my family is good friends with the Fabfi family of San Francisco who are from San Cassiano.

  7. Hello Ann. My name is Erika and I live in Sweden. Can you help me for more information about my grandmother and her ancestors, and mine off course. Or if you can tell me where I can search. She was born in San Cassiano, Adolfa Cleofe Fabbri 1893-1964 Her father Adolfo Fabbri 1853-1893 I think he had many siblings. Maybe 7 brothers. And he was married to Carolina Girolami 1849-1927. and my mother told me that Carolina had or work at the postoffice. My mother was born in Bagni di Lucca. Carla Maria Petra Cleofe Testi. 1927-2020. Best regards Erika Samuelsson

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