Dressing up

Last weekend in Bagni di Lucca was the wonderful event, Shelley a Bagni di Lucca…la poesia e il ballo.

The event was  attended by people in costumes of the period when the poet Shelley visited Bagni di Lucca. A crowd gathered at Villa Web and walked to various sites in the area. The photos below were taken by Rita Gualtieri.

Shelley event

Shelley event

Shelley event

Shelley event

Shelley event


Shelley event

There was a dance at the casino in Ponte a Serraglio in the evening.

Look at the Facebook pages of Marco Pistolozzi, Valerio Ceccarelli and Rita Gualtieri for some wonderful photos of the well dressed characters.

I think the enthusiasm the partipants bring to these events is great. I wish I had been there.


3 thoughts on “Dressing up

  1. I was hoping you would get some photos. We would have loved to attend. This is the type of events that Bagni di Lucca needs. Thank you for sharing.

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