Events in Bagni di Lucca

Summer events continue…

The first one celebrates Percy Shelley, the British poet who spent time in Bagni di Lucca with his friend Lord Byron.
Bagni di Lucca events

On 1st September there will be a concert in the English Cemetery where the renovation of tombs and monuments continues.

Bagni di Lucca events

Talk to the people at the information centre in La Villa for more information.

8 thoughts on “Events in Bagni di Lucca

  1. I would have loved to attend the Vicaria event wearing Napoleonic period costumes! Also it is good to know that they are continuing restoration works at the English cemetery.

  2. Hi Debra
    Love your blog and keeping up with the happenings in Bagni di Lucca.

    We are coming over late September and really looking forward to it.

    Weird question – we need to buy some furniture while we are there. Any tips about where to go locally? We can’t remember seeing any bed shops 😂


  3. Mostra “”Luchesi nel Mondo”” start at 8 di Settembre.
    Questa volta Il Gelatoi di Olanda.


    Henk Cornelissen ( maried with Dora Contrucci di Benabbio)

    Lots off succes

    Wijchen [NL] : 27 di Agosto 2018, ca. ora 23.06

  4. Another very good restaurant in Pontr a Serraglio is Bruno’s
    Just a few doors from Bar Italia it is a more traditional setting with very fine meals in traditional manner.
    Specialty’s of the house are truffles and fungi dishes.
    I loved he scallopini fungi whilst the the girls tackled the pasta and truffles. Apfel strudel and German schoklade cake washed down by Limoncello meant that the food complimented the company.. don’t miss Bruno’s

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