Santas out walking

I am sorry I wasn’t around to see the walk of the Santas around Bagni di Lucca on Sunday. It looked like great fun. Valerio Ceccarelli was there and took these photos. Here is the group in front of Villa Buonvisi before the walk.

Santa in BdL

…getting ready to go.

…and they are off.

Santas BdL

After a brisk walk the Santas arrived in Fornoli where the Festa delle Briciole was underway. See Francis Pettitt’s post here for more on this event.

Santas BdL

Santas BdL


Santas BdL

The weather cooperated. It was fine and sunny, if a little cold. Well done Santas!


9 thoughts on “Santas out walking

  1. Wonderful, some familiar Santas! It will be our first Christmas in Lucca this year and we shall spend at least one day in Bagni, 2 more sleeps. Happy Christmas Debra!

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