Montefegatesi in the autumn sun

If you take the road to Montefegatesi that goes past Monti di Villa and keep your eyes peeled you will spot a perfect place to stop to get excellent views of this gorgeous village. I went with friends in November and was rewarded with this lovely sight.










Every time I visit Montefegatesi I am reminded of the tenacity of the early settlers to these mountain villages. They must have been made of stern stuff.


24 thoughts on “Montefegatesi in the autumn sun

  1. Lovely photos of a beautiful ancient mountain village. Although I spent a month in Italy some years ago (there’s a post about it on my blog), I did not visit that region. I would certainly like to! Now following you…

  2. I agree, Debra, I’m constantly amazed how those villagers built their homes and churches in such high altitudes and rocky terrain, and the fact these buildings stood the tests of time. Montefegatesi is truly a beautiful mountain village basking in the Autumn sun. I feel sorry for other villages wrecked by recent earthquakes, and hope they get the help they needed.

  3. What a lovely place! I’m thinking about visiting at the end of next month, what is the parking situation in town like?

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