Brought back to life

A famous residence in  La Villa has been lovingly brought back to life. The house is famous because it was the summer home for English poets Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning in 1853 and 1857.

Barrett a Browning houseIt has been in a sad state of repair for several years, but fortunately someone has bought it and has set about restoring it. The scaffolding was recently removed from the front of the house to reveal a very beautiful facade.

Barrett Browning house

Barrett Browning house

Barrett Browning house

Barrett Browning house

Barrett Browning  houseBarrett Browning houseBarrett Browning houseBarrett Browning houseBarrett Browning house

The work is being overseen by local architect Franceso Rondina and the Art Nouveau decorating has been done by local artist Belinda Pieroni.

Work continues on the rest of the house. Some of the cement has been removed near one of the side windows revealing a different style of design underneath. I look forward to seeing what happens there.

Barrett Browning house

Peering through the gate we could see a lovely old garden wall. I’m sure that will live again too.

Barrett Browning house

Congratulations to all concerned. The house will be much admired by everyone who sees it and will be a happy addition to Bagni di Lucca.

Here are a couple of old photos of the house.

Art Nouveau house La Villa

Art Nouveau house La Villa

They show just what a great job has been done to bring the house back to the way it was.

35 thoughts on “Brought back to life

  1. It’s Francesco RondinA. I bought my house off his wife Lucia. He is the best architect around, just the man for the job and his brother is a brilliant jazz guitarist – a very talented duo!

  2. Thank you, Deb! You made my day. I was delighted when I found that “the general’s house” (look at Francis’ post), as some of the locals call it, had been purchased by people who were going to restore it to its former glory. And engaging Francesco Rondina’s professional services was the way to go. Francesco is a talented architect with international experience. The right person for the job and a local person. Also, local artist, Belinda Pieroni, is doing an excellent job. As anyone can see, there is plenty of local talent that can help to restore all those wonderful buildings that we have in town, which are everyone’s heritage. One done… Quite a few more to be redone… Any takers? You will not regret it. It’s the right time to do it, as an investment, prices are at the lowest level and can only go up.

  3. what a thrill it must be to work on that and to see the house emerging. It’s so very pretty. I hope they restore the garden as well, I’ll bet there are some old plantings in there too. Wouldn’t it be lovely to uncover it all.

  4. Hello i am rely please that some one as done something about La Villa dei Fiori. Some time ago when i was at home i used tu help my father Beppe (il Giardinere) in doings the od job,and when couple years ago i was al Ponte i was very disappointed at the state of disrepair of the Villa. So i hope they will keep up the god job Regard Giovanni P.S. I like your new letter is interesting..

    • Unfortunately Villa Fiori has not been renovated. This lovely house in La Villa is a different one. Villa Fiori is in a bad state and I think it needs urgent attention. The roof is broken in some places and many windows are smashed. I would love to see it receive some attention…soon.

    • Dear Giovanni, I recently bought your fathers house (the gardener house or stables on the river side) at Vila Fiori and am currently renovating the house. I have asked the commune if they will allow me to maintain the garden at villa Fiori, but they are not so easy about allowing me to do this. Hopefully they will allow me. I will be very interested in learning more about your father and how the gardens used to look, so maybe I can bring it back to some original looks. You can contact me if you wish

  5. Thank you dear Debra for your article on our house! As I have already expressed in other occasions to you, it will be lovely to meet you at your favourite caffe’ in Ponte al Serraglio once we moved there! Laura & Andy

  6. What a lovely restoration….Well done to the owners for their foresight and inspiration to restore this piece of history in La Villa. I am sure they will love living in the area.

  7. The house is beautiful! I hope the owners have many happy days there. Perhaps they will open a language or cooking school (or both!) and then I would get to see the lovely inside as well.
    Great pictures Debra!

  8. Cara Debra, ti ringrazio per aver fatto questa bella recenzione sul restauro della villa. I lavori sono ancora in corso, soprattutto per quello che riguarda gli interni dove vi sono anche lì affreschi di grande valore. Comunque per primo c’eravamo concentrati sui lavori più urgenti e cioè il tetto, la gronda e la facciata sulla piazzetta Tolomei. Sono contento che quando abbiamo tolto il ponteggio sulla piazza tutti hanno potuto vedere come era la villa un secolo fà. A volte questo purtroppo non succede ma anche grazie alla lungimiranza e all’amore per la cultura di Laura & Andy questo è potuto avvenire. Darò certamente ulteriori informazioni sui lavori: qualcosa di nuovo ho già comunque messo sul mio profilo Facebook:
    Ti saluto cordialmente, Francesco Rondina

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