12 years ago

Today, 1st March, is the twelfth anniversary of the first time we stood on the bridge at Ponte a Serraglio and decided Bagni di Lucca was where we wanted to buy our little piece of Italy.

A lot of water has passed under the Ponte since then, but I can safely say that it was an excellent decision. We love the village and enjoy spending several months a year here. It really is our second home.

I celebrated by planted pansies on the bridge with the help of the newest Australian to buy a house at Ponte a Serraglio…meet Paul.

Paul at Ponte

…and the pansies. Daffodils are also making an appearance. I was hoping for some sun to help them along…maybe tomorrow.

Ponte pansies

Ponte daffodils

Ponte pansies

Thanks Ponte a Serraglio for making us welcome.

51 thoughts on “12 years ago

  1. Oh PLEASE tell m how you ‘know’ it is the right place? i keep looking on every 2 month trip home to Italy…..but every new village/town has something else to share….. think i shall try to house sit (for a paid fee) for all the part time Italian owners!

    • We did little research. A friend suggested Lucca, which we liked, but it was too expensive. We came to Bagni di Lucca, liked it, decided that it had lots of things we wanted and took the plunge. My advice would be to not over analyse. Several friends have bought in different areas and they are all happy with their choices.

      • good suggestions, think i will plan to long term rent in several areas and once i improve my non language skills i can consider a location outside a city. you are correct, Florence, rome and even Sorrento are too expensive for my expat budget. if you know anyone renting short term, please share….

  2. Bagni di Lucca has been enriched by the decision you made twelve years ago. You let out the little secret and gave a lovely view of it to the world. Would love to say hello to Paul when we return. I hope he loves it as much as you and I do!
    For a short term rental….or maybe even long term or house sitting in the hills above Bagni di Lucca, contact me at Dkosmalski@gmail.com. Our lovely old family home is just waiting for some TLC by the right folks!

  3. Happy anniversary. We’ve just made our home around the corner at Lucignana, but regularly call in at Il Monaco and the bar when we’re there. We’ll be back in Easter to see your lovely flowers.

      • It would be lovely to meet you, We’re coming over for a fortnight in about three weeks so will make some mornings to Il Monaco for coffee and look out for you.

    • Hi Debra, we arrived two days ago. Currently sat looking at your pansies – they’re beautiful. Trying hard to ignore the workmen you warned of in your recent post. It would be lovely to meet you sometime while we’re here. We don’t have any internet in Lucignana so not sure how best to arrange as you suggested. we’ll try and catch a signal for an update where we can. Hopefully see you soon, Daniel & Carole

  4. Good job you two! It’s just the simplest things in life that make such a big difference to everyone around. Coffee this week??

  5. Happy anniversary Deb. What a great decision you made 12 years ago. I hope to return soon and enjoy another coffee with you at il Monaco and meet your new neighbour Paul. Have fun

  6. Happy Anniversary … and that was some birthday present 12 years ago. I was wondering the other day about how you found and decided on Bagni. Do you have a post about it? Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

    • I did a post some time ago called Why Bagni di Lucca (on Bagni di Lucca and beyond). I must go back and read it.
      I recall standing on the bridge on my 50th birthday and talking about the benefits of buying in the village. We actually found an apartment to buy. We changed our minds on the apartment, but not the village.

  7. Aaahhhhh, you cannot rush Nature Deb….even tho we may want to try at times! But the pansies are beautiful and so will be the daffodils in due course. I rather like the wait…..the delayed anticipation of a tall and blooming daffodil is somehow quite nice! And then of course there’s your bigger garden project to look forward to.

    12 year anniversary!!! Where do the years go Deb? Enjoy!


  8. Congrats on your Anniversary. I bet 12 years has flown by. I hope Paul settles in and enjoys Ponte and BDL as much as you have.

  9. Happy Anniversary, Debra. What a wonderful way to remember your birthday and anniversary at the same time! I truly love this beautiful part of Italy, so many happy memories there made more special from knowing the locals and exploring the beauties of the villages! Bagni di Lucca still remains my favourite.

  10. The colours in the pansies and little daffodil are so exuberant – they have to make you smile – they would improve your view and many other lucky people’s too. I looked especially for signs of water droplets on the leaves – because that is my memory-picture of spring flowers.- lovely. What a happy anniversary!

  11. Congrats on the milestone! I know how much Wade and I have enjoyed meeting you, getting the Grand Tour of the village, and seeing your special Casa Debbio live and in person. (Special date indeed, as it was also my Dad’s 89th Birthday on Sunday.) Take care and hope to see you on our next visit! Ciao.

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