In celebration of women

Beginning on 8th March for 1 week there will be a Celebration of Women at the Casino in Ponte a Serraglio.The opening event will be at 5.00pm on the 8th.There will be music, art, craft and photography.

Omaggio alla Donna

Something will be happening every day…something for everyone.

Omaggio alla Donna

Here is a sneak peek inside the Casino. I hope you will all come along.

Omaggio alla Donna


11 thoughts on “In celebration of women

  1. We unfortunately miss every event at the Casino when we were staying in Ponte a Serraglio. I would really like to see inside this building as I believe it is beautiful. Trust this event will be very successful.

    • Hi Jim and Kerry, as Debra says, it’s a beautiful building. It was open when John and I were in Ponte a Serraglio in 2006 when it was restored to its former glory in its Napoleonic era. I could imagine Napoleon’s sister and her entourage frequenting the Casino. I truly hope it will be open for you at your next visit. Debra’s photos do real justice, but better still to see the real thing.

  2. Hi there! I stumbled across your blog and have been interested ever since!! I really enjoy reading about your visits etc. For several years my husband and I have been considering moving to Italy. We have been all around Italy from Lake Garde to Puglia across to Sorrento and most of the major cities in between. We have visited Italy at least twice a year for the past 12 years! We visited Ostuni and Lecce last year with a view to looking at the area but taking all of our wishes into account the region we are keen to explore is around where you are. We are constantly looking at various websites/agencies and like the look of Lunigiana, Fivizzano, Villa Minozzo, Bagnia and surounding areas. We hope to visit around May, travelling by car from the UK to look in more detail at the region. We like the idea of the Mountains because of the air – my husband suffers from Asthma and the fact that you have proper 4 seasons! with better summers. My perfect wish list would be to be close to a village/town, with easy motorway links, trains and of course airlines to be able to fly back to the UK. We would really appreciate your views and knowledge of the area and if you know of any blogs that would be of interest to us would appreciate it if you have time to let us know? If you have time to be a ‘pen friend’ we would be delighted to hear from you. Best wishes Regards Ciao Annie Annmarie Kulakowski

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