Salt and tobacco

I have seen these signs all over Italy.

Sali e Tabacchi

But I had not really looked at them carefully. I read a blog by Zoe Boccabella, and she recently wrote about Tabacchi, the shops in Italy where you can buy cigarettes, bus tickets, lottery tickets, top up your phone cards and pay bills.

What I hadn’t realised was that they were, for a long time, the only places you could buy salt when it was a monopoly of the state. This is why the word salt…Sali…is included in the sign.

We have a Tabacchi in Ponte a Serraglio, but it has a new sign where the word salt doesn’t appear…pity really. Maybe the traditional signs are on the way out.


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13 thoughts on “Salt and tobacco

  1. that’s an intriguing combination. I can understand why salt would have been a sought after commodity – presumably because it preserved food – but tobacco, I suppose it was never cheap. Funny that Lotto has moved into position now that salt has slipped in the popularity stakes – money and tobacco. BTW – done and done.

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