Bread and pizza

Just up the road (Via Letizia) from my apartment in Ponte a Serraglio is a small shop selling bread and pizza by the slice. I am ashamed to say that I hadn’t been there in my 10 years in Ponte. Bread and pizza at Ponte a Serraglio It was clear that I should remedy this and when some friends suggested I join them for a mortadella and beer evening there I quickly agreed. It was great fun and I have also been to a fish and chip evening…also excellent. Keep an ear to the ground for these enjoyable events.

The friendly owner makes delicious bread, biscuits, apple pies and pizza. I have now become a regular.

The shop is on the right as you go towards La Villa. There is lots of parking, but it is an easy walk from Ponte a Serraglio.

33 thoughts on “Bread and pizza

  1. I must confess that we have driven past it quite a few times, but we have never stopped. We shall certainly do it next time we are around…

  2. Just along from our house. We usually have a pizza slice and a ‘birra alla spina piccolo’ while waiting for the washing to dry at the nearby fabulous laundrette (on right hand side way to pizza shop).

  3. Thats a nice slice of pizza they sell. I have to admit i’ve only been in there once in 10 years also. I’ll look out for the events too.

  4. We discovered this on one of our daily walks. I love the low key atmosphere. It’s all about the food. We get pizza, vino and pick up a pane patata. Last time we also got absolutely delicious cocoanut cookies. I also noticed she makes christmas cakes here, so locals should make not of this as these are made in house and smelled heavenly.

  5. Albano’s place is one of our first stops when in Bagni. We love their focaccia, pizza, bread and baked goods. We would have just driven by forever had it not been for a local telling us about it. Didn’t know about the events but will certainly look out for them when we return.

  6. Fish and chip evening…..when we were in that area, they had a huge fish and chip festival (during the summer) – – – what an unexpected festival in Italy…..we loved it. Anyway…..this place looks super cute!

    • That must be the Barga Fish and Chip festival. Many people from Barga left for Scotland last century. Quite a few have returned and it is quite likely that you will hear people speak English with a strong Scottish accent.

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