Ski at Abetone

Our trusty reporter Belinda has been out and about again, this time skiing at Abetone.

15. DSCN0289

I will hand you over to Belinda.

We decided to go skiing when we heard there had been a dump of snow at Abetone. The weather wasn’t the best but we headed off along the 40 kilometres of narrow and winding road up the mountain from Bagni di Lucca. Those who suffer from car sickness might like to take precautions.

Once you reach the Abetone main village car park you are about 1400 metres above sea level. At this parking spot you get yourself ready for the day.

Obligatory coffee shop…

ski at Abetone

Ski hire shop…

ski Abetone

Ski school, if you are looking for lessons…

3. SKi school Abetone

Information centre where you can get your ski pass for $26 per person for the entire day – quite a bargain really.

4. Ski pass and info  Abetone

A tabacchi and bar…if needed.

5. Tabacchi and bar Abetone

Then pack the car with your equipment and drive a further 2 minites to park close to the main gondola lift that takes you up to Mt Gomita. It is much easier to park right next to the lift so you only have to walk up a few stairs.

Ski lift Abetone

Take the time to check the ski runs.

6. Abetone Ski Map

We arrived at the top to find pretty bad weather…everything had frostbite.

ski Abetone

9. DSCN0279

7. Antique ski lift AbetoneDespite the weather we managed some good runs.

ski Abetone

ski Abetone

ski Abetone

ski Abetone

…followed by a stop at a Rifugio for a much deserved Bombardino, a very special hot drink to be enjoyed on the slopes. It contains cream, zabaglione, brandy and coffee…highly recommended.

17. Rifugio Abetone

16. bombardino at Abetone

If you were looking for somewhere to stay, Hotel Regina looks quaint.

18. Hotel Regina in Abetone

Thank you Belinda and friends for sharing you day of skiing at Abetone.

I have a tip to add to Belinda’s words. Don’t go to Abetone on weekends. It is very crowded and you probably won’t get anywhere near the carpark. On weekdays it is much better and you get the slopes pretty much to yourself.




20 thoughts on “Ski at Abetone

  1. Great photos, Belinda! We always visit Abetone during our stays in Bagni di Lucca, as it is a very pleasant drive from there. Last time, it was in October, but there was no snow. We had a good cup of coffee at “Lupo Bianco” but everything else was closed. In any case, good advice not to go there on weekends. It is a favourite outing for Italian families and it can get pretty crowded.

  2. We were in Abetone some years ago but were scared stiff by the ski-ing tactics of some of the younger skiers. So we went to Cutigliano which we found and still find really sweet and not so scary…

  3. Great presentation despite the weather. It is so fantastic to have this place on our doorstep. When you get bored of the slopes at Abetone, there is an even better selection, with better facilities 20 minutes further on a Monte Cimone.

  4. We were in Abetone in May last year. The drive up was exhilarating and fun. The town was mostly closed but it was still a good day out. How wonderful to be able to be at a ski resort in 40 minutes. Great post thanks Belinda. Well Deb , not long and you can be there

  5. Hi Debra, Francis mentioned Cutigliano My grandmother was from there. We stay in my great
    aunt’s house when we visit. One can walk to the ski lift from her house. The top of the lift is above the tree line. In the summer there is a great view down the Lima valley. Thanks again
    your Blogs are making me long to return to this beautiful country

  6. I remember being at Abetone, when it was raining in the middle of summer. We were the only car in the parking lot. We wandered over to the Hotel Regina and had a great meal. We thought we’d be the only ones there, but then they took us into a Swiss Chalet Room and we had a blast! I would recommend eating there, I don’t know about staying there, since I didn’t….. Great day trip!

  7. Hi – I wonder if you could answer a quick ski related question? My family and I will be in Benabbio from 31st March – 11th April and hope to grab a couple of days skiing at Abetone. Do you think we will need snow chains to get to the slopes? Many thanks, Emma

    • Legally you are required to have chains in your car in the winter months in case you need them. I think the roads should be OK now as there has been little snow. However, in the mountains weather conditions can change rapidly. I would call someone at Abetone, perhaps the ski hire shop and ask some questions.

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