The Gorgeous Garzoni Garden

Garzoni Garden CollodiIn the nearby village of Collodi is the Garzoni Garden and Butterfly House. The garden was originally begun around 1652 by the Garzoni family when they converted an old castle into an impressive Baroque style 4 story house with belvedere tower and roof statues.

At the entrance is a delightful series of photos of past guests.

Garzoni Garden Collodi

Garzoni Garden Collodi

Garzoni Gardens Collodi

The garden was originally in the Italian style. In the 18th century it was embellished with the addition of terraces, balustrades, mazes, waterfalls, fountains, grottoes and statuary. It was designed by Ottavio Diodati. The garden’s reputation spread all over Europe and influenced many others.

Garzoni Garden Collodi

Garzoni Garden CollodiGarzoni Garden CollodiGarzoni Garden CollodiThere are some marvellous decorations.

A lovely feature of the garden is the Butterfly House. It is a fairly recent addition. The estate was sold by the Garzoni family in the 1920s. It passed through several owners in sequence and its existence became precarious. Thanks to the current owner in collaboration with the Fondazione Carlo Collodi and the Sviluppo Turistico Collodi Ltd, it gained back its former glory, and the butterfly house was added.

I braved the awful heat and humidity and wiped the steam from my camera lens to take photos of the flowers, birds and butterflies.

Butterfly House Collodi

Butterfly House Collodi

Butterfly House Collodi

Butterfly House Collodi

Butterfly House Collodi

Butterfly House Collodi

Butterfly House Collodi

Butterfly House Collodi

I visited the garden on a sunny autumn day.  Garzoni Garden is open all year, but the Butterfly House closes in winter.

It is a relatively easy drive from Bagni di Lucca. Take the road to Benabbio and keep going down the other side of the mountain towards Collodi. There is a big car park outside Pinocchio Park and the gardens are a short walk from there.

24 thoughts on “The Gorgeous Garzoni Garden

  1. It is a beautiful place. We visited it a couple of years ago. The trip by car from Bagni di Lucca is great. Love your photos…as usual!

  2. Debra, Debra, Debra….sensational!!!!!!!!!! Those old photographs were intriguing too….the women looked like 1950s film stars, don’t you think? All looked gorgeous. And the butterflies and birds!!!! Inspirational for my drawings/collages Deb…..I’m planning on doing some butterfly collages soon….so I’ll give you one when you’re next in Brisbane. A little gift for you for giving us such a glorious post.

    Is this the garden that Monty Don talks about on his video of Italian Gardens? He talks about one being close to Lucca. I’ll watch the video again and let you know.



    • I have the DVD of Monty Don’s gardens (thanks Liz). I will watch it when I get back to Italy. The Garzoni gardens are fabulous. I think I might go back in spring when there is lovely new growth. It should look wonderful.

    • It would be a beautiful time to visit at any time of the year, with the possible exception of the middle of winter. Take a hat or an umbrella if you go in summer, it could be very hot.

  3. Now Collodi is in Pistoia, yes? The garden looks great, when I go back in two years, I really would like to go. Also, how is the town of Pistoia?

    • Collodi is in the province of Pistoia, which is a very interesting town. I did a post on it a while ago on my other blog, Bagni di Lucca and Beyond. It was called Pole dancing in Pistoia.

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