Pizza and more at dalle Padella alla Brace

The friendly man from Pio X at Bagni Caldi has opened a new restaurant at Chifenti.

We arrived early one evening and were the first there, giving us time to look around. It is bright and colourful inside and the pizza oven was burning brightly.

dalle Padella alla Brace

dalle Padella alla Brace

dalle Padella alla Brace

We were able to watch our pizza dough being prepared.

dalle Padella alla Brace

dalle Padella alla Brace

dalle Padella alla Brace

dalle Padella alla Brace

The pizzas were great. They have a thicker base than at other places in the area. I like both,  thick, and thin and crispy. Our toppings were delicious.

class Padella alla Brace

dalle Padella alla Brace

Next time I will try the pasta.

dalle Padella alla Brace

Via del Brennero, 15


0583 1798188

dalle Padella alla Brace

18 thoughts on “Pizza and more at dalle Padella alla Brace

  1. I love watching the pizza dough being prepared and twirled like that. I tried to do something along those lines at home just recently and gave a ”cheffy’ flick of my wrist with flour which was meant to dust my work bench but I didn’t factor in the breeze coming through the kitchen and ended up with an un-cheffy ‘foof’ of flour all over the kitchen!

  2. Great information, Deb! Rafael prefers the thicker based pizza and there are not too many places that serve them. I have been using focaccias and topping them with everything I can find in the fridge… But I would prefer to go that place!

  3. It might add to your enjoyment to know that the Italian name is the equivalent of our English saying ‘out of the frying pan into the fire’. Nando, the owner is from Napoli, the home of pizza. His dough is made with hardly any added yeast and rises for 36 hours. This gives it much more flavour and a better texture than most pizza dough.It beats the thin, crisp-bread type into a cocked hat. He gets his mozzarella fresh from his favourite supplier in Campania. Try his signature pizza ‘Padella’. The rest of his menu is simple: spaghetti ai frutti di mare and grilled meat (sausages, pork chops and steak). Best news is that he’s now open at lunch time when he does a pranzo di lavoro for €11 (meat) or €12 (seafood).

  4. The pizza covered with rocket looks delicious. I enjoyed reading Heather Jarman’s information – thanks Heather! I would love to try Nando’s seafood pizza….

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