Halloween is a good excuse for a party. Annalisa threw a fun dress-up party at Bar Italia in Ponte a Serraglio.

Halloween Bar ItaliaThere was an interesting cast of characters.

Halloween Bar Italia

Please note the headless doll in the photo below.

Halloween Bar ItaliaHalloween Bar ItaliaHalloween Bar ItaliaHalloween Bar Italia

Later in the evening we headed off to Borgo a Mozzano for the famous party which ends in fireworks at the Ponte a Maddelena.

The streets were very crowded, the lighting patchy, so my photos mostly didn’t turn out well.

Halloween Borgo a Mozzano

There were some great costumes. I was particularly impressed by a fellow with an axe through his head and several strings of sausages around his neck. No photos…he got away too quickly.

We shuffled along with the rest of the crowd towards the bridge at the appointed hour. As we arrived a figure swathed in white was being carried to the top of the bridge. Her head fell off on the way, appropriate under the circumstances. She was duly put back together and thrown off the bridge…a sign for the fireworks to get under way.

Halloween Borgo a Mizzano

Halloween Borgo a Mozzano

Halloween Borgo a Mozzano

The audience was enthralled.

Halloween Borgo a Mozzano

Halloween Borgo a Mozzano

I have been wanting to attend the celebrations at Borgo a Mozzano for many years. I have now done so and will be content with that one visit.

18 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Wow! Everyone has gone to so much trouble, some great costumes and make-up, and fireworks too, what a lovely way to end the party. Glad it was fun.

    • The Borgo party was very crowded, but interesting to see. I thought more coild have been done to include the bridge. There was a collection of historical characters who appeared at the base of the bridge and then disappeared. It woudl have been great to see them head over the bridge with banners held high.

  2. Thank you for sharing it with us, Debra. Next year we will not miss it.
    The figure being thrown down from the Devil’s bridge represents Lucida Mnsi, a beautiful lucchese noblewoman who sold her soul to the Devil in order to keep her good looks while enjoying life to the fullest. http://en.capannori-terraditoscana.org/index.php/territory/legends_and_folk_stories.html
    The clever people from Borgo a Mozzano are recreating her final moments, when the Devil comes to claim her soul. After all, they do have the Devil’s Bridge…….

  3. What a fabulous night. So good to see everyone in the spirit and putting so much effort into dressing up. And it was all right on your doorstep. So easy

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