Marble beauty

In Villa Ada above La Villa there was a beautiful marble sculpture of a young woman. She is The Nymph of the Spas, carved from Carrara marble by Ferdinando Palla.

Villa Ada

Marble sculpture Villa Ada

The villa is very run down. Windows have been broken and there was a danger that the sculpture would be damaged.

She has been moved to the ground floor of the comune building in La Villa, making her much safer and more accessible.

Bagni di Lucca beauty

Bagni di Lucca beauty

BagnI di Lucca beauty

BagnI di Lucca beauty

Drop in next time you pass by and take a look.

20 thoughts on “Marble beauty

  1. Oops, I forgot to mention that the Comune building is the former “Palazzo della Lena”, which belonged to a traditional Bagni di Lucca family and that it is currently in the process of being totally restored. As your photos show it, Debra, it is a perfect location for the statue. I only wish that all these magnificent buildings will be restored.Here is some further information concerning the Palace:

  2. I occasionally turned my car around outside Villa Ada after dropping off a group of excited children, all destined for the swimming pool just a short distance away. I often wondered why such a beautiful piece of work was left stranded with no one to view it. How old is the sculpture and who was the sculptor? I’m delighted to hear that it has been moved to a more secure location. Presumably the sculptor used a live model to capture the beauty in marble.
    It would be fascinating to know who she was.

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