Flowers everywhere

On All Souls’ Day, November 2, Italians take flowers to cemeteries to honour their deceased relatives. Florists do a roaring trade and cemeteries come alive with people.

Far from being a gloomy event, it is quite festive. People dress up and stroll around looking at the graves. Cemeteries look beautiful with colourful flowers decorating the tombs. Graves are generally well kept anyway, but this is special.

All souls day

All Souls' day

All Souls' Day


All Souls' Day

All Souls' Day

All Souls's Day

All Souls' Day

This is a lovely tradition. How nice to think that someone cared enough to keep your grave clean and tidy and bring flowers sometimes.

12 thoughts on “Flowers everywhere

  1. I love this idea, although many Americans do something similar on May 31, Memorial Day in the US. I do wonder though, as we typically visit Italy in May or September, and the cemeteries in those months look tired, with dusty, dirty plastic flowers etc. I am guessing if we went in Nov or Dec we would see the result of Nov. 1. E` vero?

  2. I love cemeteries in general…but the ones in Italy are fab! Have you ever been to the Monumental cemetery in Milan? WONDERFUL! Anyway….your photos are beautiful….

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