Eat at Villa Aurora

Villa Aurora is in the most beautiful setting. Villa Aurora There is an amazing view of Prato Fiorito and Pieve di Controne. Prato Fiorito from Aurora Pieve di Controne from Aurora On a fine sunny day it is great to sit outside on the spacious terrace. Villa Aurora Villa Aurora The owner proudly served us some of the most delicious prosciutto I have ever eaten. Villa Aurora Their pasta is great. Villa Aurora Villa Aurora My friend Carla had the saltimbocca. Villa Aurora Agostino and I enjoyed the perfectly cooked trout. Villa Aurora I believe the pizzas are good here too…next time. Villa Aurora…Fabbriche di Casabasciana. From the SS12, follow the signs towards Casabasciana. The restaurant is not far along the road. Phone…(39) 0583 85600 Villa Aurora

11 thoughts on “Eat at Villa Aurora

  1. Thank you for recommending it, Deb. Great location and two of my favourite Italian dishes: saltimbocca and fresh trout.

  2. That pasta does indeed look delicious as does everything else. I feel I could be very happy there with a plate of prosciutto and the view.

  3. Debra we loved our time with you!!!Thank you for the special time together!!We loved everything about Bagni di Lucca!Was on my island Kauai!Now on another island Oahu!We just had a hurricane scare!All is well!!Life is good!!

  4. We ate here four times in July and absolutely loved it. The pizzas are the best we have ever had. My son had the Arrabiatta each time and the lovely chef/owner ‘crowned’ him the ‘King of the Arrabiatta’ and gave him a lovely framed painting to take home with him which made his holiday! He also gave me a cutting from a lovely plant which is now growing in my window sill and every time I look at it, it reminds me of the lovely time we had in Bagni di Lucca this year. We can’t wait to return …

  5. One of the few places we have’nt eaten in around BDL. Looks very good indeed – no excuses not to go now, so next time we’ll be there.

  6. Fantastic place – Ferdinando is always inventing new recipes – last summer he made raviolis stuffed with rose petals and ricotta. great pizzas too, and of course, his home-made grappa after the meal.

  7. Oooo I so love your recommendations Debra, the views are lovely and the food looks delicious, on my list for spring ☺️

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