Festa della Zucca

Autumn is a time for festivals in our area. Many villages celebrate the season with festivals honouring the local produce. I recently attended the Festa della Zucca (pumpkin festival) in Piegaia, not far from Bagni di Lucca.

Festa della ZuccaThere were lots of people there enjoying the many stalls selling interesting things to do with pumpkins and other delights.

Festa della zucca

There were pumpkins in all shapes and sizes.

Delicious food was available. We chose penne with pumpkin and creme brûlée with pumpkin.

Festa della zucca

Festa della zucca

Festa della zucca

It is great to see these festival well attended by people of all ages. Everyone joins in and has a great time. I went with Heather from Sapori e Saperi. She knows all the best places to go.



9 thoughts on “Festa della Zucca

  1. Did I see a pumpkin pizza? It all looks yummy. We will be in Lucca for two weeks in June. Can’t wait to explore this area. Thanks for the great posts.
    Nina from Michigan

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