A determined bird

If you look closely in the photo of the waterfall in the river at Ponte a Serraglio you will see a seagull. I watched this bird over several days and he always appeared in the same spot on a ledge in the middle of the overflow.


He is clearly standing there waiting for a fish to come hurtling through the water towards him. It must work because it is his regular place.






20140824-065112.jpgIt seems odd to see seagulls in a mountain village, but the sea is quite close as the crow, or in this case, the seagull, flies.

Our ducks seem to be disappearing slowly, but the seagulls are always on the river.

6 thoughts on “A determined bird

  1. We see quite a few seagulls flying up the river and some of them make a stop on the rocks opposite the mill. There is plenty of fish around, perhaps more than what they can catch on a beach…. clever birds! As for the ducks and the geese, they are also gone… it’s a mystery!

  2. Happy little bird!

    What about the ducks and geese? What about the old man feeding that duckling?
    Apologies for typing errors, I can see the cursor but not what has been typed.
    I can’t even find where to send this off. Weird!

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