Eremo di Calomini



This beautiful white sanctuary set into the edge of a rocky cliff just past Gallicano, has been around since about 1,000AD. The church is carved into the rock and has been expanded over the centuries to include the presbytery and the sacristy. The double colonnaded facade was added in the 18th century.

The Calomini hermits took care of the sanctuary until 1868 and now it is in the care of the Lucca Capuchin Fathers. They have done a great job… take a look.




The wooden doors are beautifully carved.




The interior is beautiful.







You can clearly see that the church has been carved into the rock.




The view from the front of the hermitage is wonderful.


To get to the Hermitage, take the road to Gallicano, then look for the signs to Vergemoli and La Grotta del Vento. The sign for the Hermitage is about 1 kilometre past the end of Gallicano. It is not always open, so it is a good idea to phone ahead. 39 0583 767003.

There is a parking area beside the sanctuary. Look for the excellent restaurant just a short walk from the parking area where they serve delicious meals, especially local trout.


Local news…

There will be a celebration on Saturday 23rd August for the conclusion of the exhibition of textiles, Nodi della Memoria, at the Casino in Ponte a Serraglio. Fesivities begin at  17.00 with the opening of the exhibition; at 21.00 there will be a shop and at 22.30 there will be music and refreshments on the terrace.

To book, please phone Tina: 0583 805815 (9.00 – 12.00) or Gemma: 349 8499704


23 thoughts on “Eremo di Calomini

  1. It is/a gorgeous place, we go there quite frequently as I enjoy hearing Mass there. I was told that it is a popular place for weddings and it is easy to understand why. The restaurant is great. We love the trout and the “hermit’s dessert”. They must have some angels helping in the kitchen….

    • This is the first time I have found the church open, but I have been to the restaurant several times. It used to be in the grounds of the hermitage, but moved a couple of years ago to its present site on the road near the church.

  2. two comments: 1) available for sale onsite for many years, now at the restaurant, at least in previous years, is a very delicious amaro linked to the Hermitage. I always pick up a bottle or two when I visit when in Italy; 2) my mother tells me when she was a teenager (1930s) that the parishes in Bagni di Lucca hill towns would have their youth groups travel on various foot trails to visit and stay at the Hermitage. No roads, all by foot thru the woods over the montains. In her case, was from her town of Riolo sponsored by the Monti di Villa parish church.

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  4. We visited here in July of 2015 and were fascinated by this place. We spent several hours in the church, just exploring everything. So peaceful and holy!

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