Gorgeous Ghivizzano

Not far from Bagni di Lucca is the lovely hilltop town of Ghivizzano. At the gateway to the magnificent Garfagnana, the town dates back to the 900s.


The town is dominated by the castle on top of the hill. The arched entrance at lower end of town takes you through covered alleyways and through winding cobblestone streets up to the church and castle.



Of course, the views are beautiful from the high position.




We wandered slowly upwards.

We were there on the day of a festival in the courtyard in front of the castle…a perfect place to hold an archery competition in full costume.



It is possible to climb the tower at the castle, so of course we did.


Keep an eye out for festivals at Ghivizzano. The castle is a great venue and it really gives you an idea of life in different times.

5 thoughts on “Gorgeous Ghivizzano

  1. Totally agree, Debra, Ghivizzano is a wonderful town, full of character. The festival was most interesting and we look forward to attending it again next year… although this time I will bring a parasol or a big hat and a fan. It was really hot!

  2. The detail in their costumes is quite extraordinary. The costumes worn by some of the women must make them feel very feminine – I would be wanting to swish about and practice my swooning. I love the urn shaped pot with what looks like geraniums in the photo under “the high position” sentence.

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