Restoration of the English Cemetery

I had a request for some photos of the grave of Henry Stisted so I visited the English cemetery to se the latest restorations. Quite a few more graves have been cleaned and the cemetery itself is looking clean and well cared for. There was a lovely old gentleman there trimming plants. His wife was enjoying a sit in the warm spring sun. He happily told me he was working ‘piano, piano’ to spruce up the grounds. He is doing a fine job.

Henry Stisted’s grave has been cleaned beautifully.





The broken tiles in front of the head stone have been replaced and it looks like new. Click here and here to see previous posts about the cemetery.

Several other graves have been cleaned, including Ouida’s.


There is still a bit of work to be done.

But the cemetery is looking good, not a bad place to rest in peace.



23 thoughts on “Restoration of the English Cemetery

  1. It is starting to look great. We attended last year’s ceremony to commemorate the completion of the first phase of the renovations and we were able to admire some of those tombs, Ouîda’s in particular, which is a masterpiece.

  2. In my 35 yrs of going to Bagni I have never been in , have been past hundreds of times on the road, but I will make an effort to go definitely this year. It looks well worth a visit and no doubt has some wonderful stories to tell. The weather looks great by the way , I hope it holds out as I am due to come over towards the end of April.

  3. What lovely photographs. I had not heard of the cemetery before, we are in Lucca over Easter,so it is now on the visiting list.
    Thank you for highlighting the work done here.

  4. This looks the most pristine, almost happy place of rest I’ve ever seen. I really really like the way Italians keep their departed close to their hearts in a very public way. It lightens the dark I think.

  5. I sometimes think that grave stones and grave yards showing their age is more interesting then the bright new looks. But I am of two minds on this mind you.

  6. Interesting you can now see what shutter speed etcetera you used, I had not seen that before! Have been curious, what are those buildings directly uphill from the cemetery, could you tell me?
    Thank you for another beautiful post.

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