A fine day for a flea market

Spring has returned, bringing warm, sunny weather. The temperature reached 20 degrees today…a perfect day to wander through the flea market in La Villa.

There were more than 50 stalls, not bad for the first time. Stalls were set up in front of Circolo dei Forestieri and along the main street.





There were some lovely old toys for sale. Little boys must have once treasured the cars and lots of dolls were left behind when little girls grew up.

Anyone for a plate of piglets?


I liked this fellow with the wobbly head.


A pair of Barbies enjoyed the sun.


There were lots of bits and pieces.

I hope this little puppet theatre found a home.


Perhaps someone will want old photos.



I’m sure I once had a book like this, where you collected stickers to put in the correct place.


I managed to find a pair of gold angels to take home with me.


It was a great first flea market. The next one will be at the end of June.













27 thoughts on “A fine day for a flea market

  1. Interesting things – I always find old photos fascinating and sad too that all those smiling faces, looking towards the camera which captures their moment in time, have been discarded. I always want to know the stories behind them.

  2. We were there – and the bits and pieces on the stalls were fascinating – bought some very pretty pictures. It was a beautiful sunny day. Are you around for a coffee one morning next week?

  3. I’m not a very good forager (or is that fossicker?) but I love markets like this in Italy. Just a lovely way to wander and interact with the past and the present all at once. Hopefully it will become a regular thing!

    • There will be markets on the last Saturday of June, August and November, so, unfortunately there will not be one in July. I’m sure there will be some interesting things happening. The art festival should be in full swing in Ponte a Serraglio.

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