Cachi time

I love this time of the year when I can see the amazing cachi trees bare except for their bright orange fruit.






You can eat them of course. If they are perfectly ripe they are delicious.


But it seems a pity to spoil this great view.


17 thoughts on “Cachi time

  1. They are considered quite a delicacy here in the US and are quite expensive. They do need to be eaten at just the right moment. Would love to see my cachi tree in La Pieve di Monti di Villa right now. Thanks for your wonderful photos. Really helps with the nostalgic feelings of wanting to be there.

  2. Put some very ripe cachi with a tin I amount of sugar and lemon juice through the blender and serve this on top of vanilla or pan a cotta gelatto. Delicious!

  3. I have wondered about these fruits while here and thought they could not be eaten as people leave them on the trees. But now I know. They look great with a splash of colour in the otherwise colourless surroundings in winter.

  4. Are they what we call Persimmons – I know they are not nice if they aren’t perfectly ripe, but they are lovely when they are. They do make a lovely Christmas picture.

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