It’s cold out there!

Today we had our first real taste of winter. The temperature stayed around 6 degrees for most of the day and it rained…a perfect day for a drive in the mountains.

There has been snow on Prato Fiorito, making it look gorgeous.


As we climbed higher towards Montefegatesi the snow was falling quite heavily.



Montefegatesi looks great at any time, but a dusting of snow makes it look even better.



We went for a short walk around the village. The temperature up there was zero.

There are storms all around us again tonight. Perhaps there will be even more snow tomorrow.

Click here and here for more on Montefegatesi.

19 thoughts on “It’s cold out there!

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  2. Beautiful! But the bad weather is not confined to Italy at the moment. Raining cats and dogs here. And “the rain in Spain does not stay mainly in the plain”. I can assure you….

  3. Wonderful I love the snow! Wish I was there sitting in front of a roaring fire with good friends sharing stories and cups of mulberry wine. Life is grand with simple pleasures. Enjoy
    Debbie and thank you for the news and photos. I am currently waiting for Lake Tahoe snow.

  4. It looks beautiful! We have a house in Ponte Coccia, 15 mins drive up the SS12 from Bagni di Lucca, so love your site to keep us up to date with local news, particularly the weather reports! Can’t wait to return in January 2014 – for more snow no doubt

    • The weather could be anything from warm and sunny to rain or snow. March shouldn’t be as cold as February, but we have been known to have snow in March. There will be few tourists about in March. Easter is usually when the first tourists appear.

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