Il Biribisso in Granaiola

Il Biribisso in Granaiola has an outdoor barbecue in summer…an excellent reason to go there. There is a lovely outdoor terrace, the perfect place to sit on a warm summer night.


The outdoor barbecue was not operating the night we were there, but we enjoyed our mixed grill just the same.



They also serve great pasta.


Fried seafood.


Our desserts were delicious.



The restaurant is great in all seasons, so even though summer is almost over Biribisso is an excellent place to eat.

I can’t resist the views of Ponte a Serraglio and other Bagni di Lucca villages from Granaiola.



As we were leaving the restaurant the moon peeped out from behind a cloud for us.


Il Biribisso, Piazza Nicola Dorati (opposite the car park)
0583 831081

9 thoughts on “Il Biribisso in Granaiola

  1. Yum, yum, Debra you just made me very hungry!!! I am heading out to the back yard and cooking……my wife loves it…..great looking food, must have been delicious
    Barbecue time, yep…
    Thanks for the idea

  2. I think I remember that restaurant was done up not so long ago. The food looks very good and another option for a meal next holiday

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