A cooking lesson with Gabriella

One of the things that people love to do when they come to Italy is to have cooking lessons with an Italian cook…with good reason. I was very lucky to be included in a lesson with the delightful Gabriella Lazzarini, organised by Heather Jarman of Sapori-e-Saperi.

The lesson took place in beautiful Casabasciana, so I went a litttle early to enjoy some late afternoon views of the mountains.



Gabriella had prepared a wonderful menu for us. We all put on our aprons and got ready. The first course was antipasti consisting of crostini con stracchino e salsiccia and crostini con fegatino di pollo…crostini withh soft cheese and sausage and chicken liver.


Primo piatto, first course, was delicious chestnut ravioli with a filling of ricotta and nettles, with a butter and sage sauce. We all got to play with the flour and make our own pasta.


Zuppa followed…a very special soup called garmugia. It is cooked only in May when the last of the winter artichokes combine with the spring fava beans, peas, asparagus and new onions.


Secondo piatto was faraona ripiena, stuffed guinea fowl, served with insalata mista.


Dolce was castagnaccio con ricotta, a crispy chestnut cake served with a delicious fresh ricotta which Heather brought directly from the cheese maker.


Gabriella is a lot of fun. She doesn’t speak English, which was all part of the fun and Heather was there to translate anything we couldn’t follow. The very best part of cooking lessons is that you can eat the results.

Gabriella will also prepare a meal for you to have at home. For lessons, or a delicious meal using the freshest local ingredients, contact Heather at info@sapori-e-saperi.com.

10 thoughts on “A cooking lesson with Gabriella

  1. It looks delicious and it must taste even better. I tried the “garmugia” once and it is a real treat.

  2. all that taking place just below me (I am up at Crasciana!) Would love to meet Gabriella! thanks for sharing!

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  4. Can you give me please the recipe from ‘fegatino di pollo’ ? I’am preparing a dinner for friends with several ‘crostini’ but I’am still looking for a good recipe for the ‘fegatino di pollo’

    • Here it is:

      Crostini con fegatini di pollo
      Crostini with chicken liver paté

      200g chicken livers, cut into pieces
      1 tsp capers in vinegar, rinsed in water
      2 anchovy fillets
      1/2 white onion, finely chopped
      1/2 glass white wine
      extra virgin olive oil
      5 tbsp meat stock
      stale country bread

      Sauté the onion in oil. Add the chicken livers and brown well. Add wine and boil until alcohol has evaporated. Put in food processor or on chopping board. Add capers and anchovy fillets and chop very finely. Return the mixture to the sauté pan, add the stock and cook slowly until you have a spreadable paste. Add pepper to taste; add salt only if the anchovies haven’t made it salty enough. Cut thin slices of bread, toast lightly and spread on the chicken liver paste.

      Buon appetito! (Let me know how it come out.) Heather

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